Message To Voters

Dear Voters,

As a lifelong resident of North Carolina, I admire the natural beauty and great people of this state. Growing up in rural Franklin County, taught me that people can work the land in a sustainable way, growing crops and creating a stable community. I still find pleasure as the third generation in my family to own an active farm there. Living in Wake County for the past 29 years, has taught me that our urban settings also have strong communities; communities created by people from many walks who live, work and play together.

Recently, progress in our great state has stalled as elected officials cater more to political interests than to citizen's needs. First as a small business owner, and now as a volunteer in my church, public schools, and community, I have come to understand the needs of my neighbors. North Carolina House District 36 deserves a representative who will listen to people in our community and work for equal opportunities for all -- from support of women's issues, to jobs and expanded vocational training, full funding for public education, and advocacy for seniors. I am up to this task and I am honored to run as the people's candidate in this district.

Many times politicians say a lot that sounds good, but I was taught it is what one does that really matters. Although I may not always do exactly what each constituent wants, know that I will always make my decisions logically, with honesty and dedication. Please join me in my commitment to move North Carolina forward. I thank you for your support and ask for your vote on November 4.

Lisa Baker


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